July 23 - August 22

Barefoot beauties, it’s our favorite season. The energy of Leo is out in full force, which means Summer just became even sweeter. While you’re breathing in the salty air and building up your golden glow, you might be noticing a shift inside. Your craving for adventure is a call to be answered…



You’ve never needed an excuse or reason to shine Leo… it has always come naturally for you. This season, be guided by your glow.

The energy of the Universe will give you a lot to navigate. Get through the highs and lows by listening to your intuition and staying strong.

Think about the goals and opportunities you’ve been chasing. If you pay attention to how you feel, you’ll find everything you need is already here. Once you discover your bliss, you’ll attract even more blessings… just wait and see..


Leo is known to be
the leader of the tribe.

They radiate confidence, chasing a life full of energy and possibility. No dream is too big for this sign, and no adventure is too wild. If you’re ever in need of a confidence boost, spend some time with Leo.

Ruled by the lion, they have a fierce heart that is just as passionate as it is protective. Their electric energy inspires their tribe to shine as bright as the diamonds that adorn them. With a strong sense of ambition, Leo isn’t afraid to chase after the desires of their heart. What can you expect from a sign ruled by the Center of the Universe? The power of the sun lights them up as they manifest the magic of the Universe.

As a fire sign, they’re always seeking new experiences to fuel their spirit. Better keep up lover, Leo is a sign that will never be tamed...



Soak in the free feeling of summer. Leo season will be bringing you an extra dose of self-confidence. Ride this high through everything you might experience in the coming weeks.

Meditate through the moments of chaos… when you need to find that extra space within. Give gratitude in the moments of calm, there’s nothing like resting into the present moment.

The energy of Leo is here to remind us that the duality of the Universe is a beautiful thing. Keep your confidence and keep on loving life, and it will love you right back.


Loyal, Confident, Generous, Inspiring.
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