June 21 - July 22

Cancer season is in full effect, and summer has finally arrived!
What better way to embrace the energy of the stars than chasing the sunshine?
Your intuition is craving your attention, so listen up lover.
Only good things come to those who follow their heart.



Life has a way of always surprising you, Cancer. You’ve had your share of highs and the lows, and you’ve stayed steady through and through.

Your stars are reigning supreme this season, so you’ll be feeling more conscious and connected. Use these weeks to give gratitude to the world around you. This energy is full of love and is here to empower you.

Relax and enjoy it… the more you do, the more you’ll spread the love.


Soft-spirited Cancer…

is the friend everyone needs, and the lover everyone wants. They are all about enjoying life with the ones they love most. Just like their symbol, the crab, Cancer comes with a tough outer shell. If you’re one of the lucky ones they open up to, don’t take it for granted. Their soul is gracious and loving, but the crab has claws for a reason.

This sign will not be taken advantage of... Intuitive and ultra-sensitive, water signs roll through the highs and lows of life just like the ocean’s tide. If a member of Cancer's tribe is facing rough waters, they will give them the strength to ride it out.

Reigned by the moon, their sensitive and empathetic nature goes through all the phases.
Stay steady in this wild energy, and you’ll always
find a reason to dance in the moonlight.



The first day of Cancer season aligns with the beginning of Summer Solstice. Embrace the sensitive energy of Cancer and take time to check in with yourself. Every journey begins with taking the first step.

Meditate on how you feel in your relationships - both with yourself and the ones you love. Think about your intention for the season. Plan your adventures, and let the excitement guide you toward taking the chances and making the choices that feel right.

Your intuition is heightened this season. Use it to find your light and shine like the sun.


Compassionate, Romantic, Easy-going, Generous.
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