June 21 - July 22

Cancer season is in full effect, and summer has finally arrived!
What better way to embrace the energy of the stars than chasing the sunshine?
Your intuition is craving your attention, so listen up lover.
Only good things come to those who follow their heart.



Life has a way of always surprising you, Cancer. You’ve had your share of highs and the lows, and you’ve stayed steady through and through.

Your stars are reigning supreme this season, so you’ll be feeling more conscious and connected. Use these weeks to give gratitude to the world around you. This energy is full of love and is here to empower you.

Relax and enjoy it… the more you do, the more you’ll spread the love.


Soft-spirited Cancer…

is the friend everyone needs, and the lover everyone wants. They are all about enjoying life with the ones they love most. Just like their symbol, the crab, Cancer comes with a tough outer shell. If you’re one of the lucky ones they open up to, don’t take it for granted. Their soul is gracious and loving, but the crab has claws for a reason.

This sign will not be taken advantage of... Intuitive and ultra-sensitive, water signs roll through the highs and lows of life just like the ocean’s tide. If a member of Cancer's tribe is facing rough waters, they will give them the strength to ride it out.

Reigned by the moon, their sensitive and empathetic nature goes through all the phases.
Stay steady in this wild energy, and you’ll always
find a reason to dance in the moonlight.



The first day of Cancer season aligns with the beginning of Summer Solstice. Embrace the sensitive energy of Cancer and take time to check in with yourself. Every journey begins with taking the first step.

Meditate on how you feel in your relationships - both with yourself and the ones you love. Think about your intention for the season. Plan your adventures, and let the excitement guide you toward taking the chances and making the choices that feel right.

Your intuition is heightened this season. Use it to find your light and shine like the sun.


Compassionate, Romantic, Easy-going, Generous.
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May 21 - June 20

Gemini season is officially here! These next four weeks are filled with an
alluring and unpredictable energy. Everything’s more fun with a little chaos
Ride the highs and lows with confidence and you’re sure to manifest
nothing but adventure and love.



This season is all about you Gemini. It’s essential to take the time to breathe easy. Treat yourself to a spa weekend with your tribe, or a more private getaway with your lover. However you manifest your head space, do it with patience and love. After all, the stars are in your favor and there’s magic in the air.

Once you’re feeling refreshed and revitalized, you’ll find this energy has attracted new the opportunities and experiences into your life. Accept them with gratitude, the party has just begun…


Gemini is here for a wild ride.

If you’re born under this sign, you’ll often find yourself searching for new experiences and relationships that invite adventure. Gemini’s spontaneous and fierce energy attracts admiration from both their tribe and lovers. 

Associated with the air element, just like the wind, they are constantly craving change. We all need a little breathing room, and for this sign, it’s essential.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini has a strong curiosity and quick wit. These social butterflies will have you flying in and out of deep conversation with their dynamic dialogue. And Gemini loves to play off the energy of a kindred spirit.

The question is… can you keep up lover?



When you discover the practices and people that light up your soul, everything becomes even more beautiful. Gemini season is all about intention. Give your mind and spirit the attention they’ve been craving. Meditate on your mantras, spend time with your journal, or charge your crystals. Whatever your method of magic is, hone in on it this season. Blessings begin with how you feel and what you give your energy to. Whatever your sign is, enjoy the ride. You’ve earned it.


Energetic, Easy-going, Enthusiastic, Witty.
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April 19 - May 20

Whether or not you were born under this sign, it’s essential to understand the energy of Taurus. Spring is in full bloom… so take the time to feel the fresh start of new beginnings. Relax into the slow and steady pace, and embrace the sensuality of the season.



Taurus, it’s your time to shine. Born under this sign, you’ve been given the spirit of a warrior. You know how to get things done, and get them done well. But there’s another side to you that calls for more love this season.

As much as we support the grind, it’s important to take time to check in with yourself. Ride the slow and sensual energy you’ll be feeling. There’s a hidden power in the calm that can manifest just as many dreams as the hustle.


Taurus are here for a good time.

They find the most joy in earthly pleasures and lead their tribe with big love and a strong spirit. Just like their sign, the bull, Taurus are born with a fierce strength and stubbornness. They work hard to accomplish their dreams, and have an unstoppable energy. Taurus will grab life by the horns and inspire those around them to do the same.

Grounded by the Earth element, Taurus holds a patient and steady nature. They stay optimistic through the highs and lows of life - keeping focus and staying driven.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurus adores the little things that add pleasure to the everyday - whether its a fine wine, the aroma of a candle, or diamonds and gold. Their romantic, passionate spirit is made possible by the sensual side of Venus. What goes better with luxury than a little love?



Slow your roll lover. The energy of Taurus season is calm and collected, giving you time to be present and appreciate life moment by moment.

Meditate on what’s been on your mind lately… think about your dreams, goals and desires. Now make a plan. Just because the vibes are mellow, doesn’t mean the magic is.

The future is manifesting itself in this stillness. Once you feel the urge to get moving, run with the bulls and don’t stop until it’s all yours.


Patient, Loyal, Romantic, Honest

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March 21 - April 19

Aries season is back in full bloom as Mother Earth is beaming with the refreshing air of Spring. Whatever your sign, you’re sure to have a strong craving for self-care and self-reflection. The energy of Aries is all about you - your needs, your dreams, and the journey to becoming your highest self. Give yourself all the love this season calls for, in any form it comes. Honor your soul, love your body, and have some fun. You’ve earned it.


aries SEASON

As a goddess born under this sign, you have an unstoppable life-force energy Aries.

Follow your calling and seek out your soul’s destiny this season.

Your love of life and inspiring voice will attract a tribe that will support you during this wild ride. And they’re ready for adventure, so be sure to work hard and play even harder.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, you have a bold confidence and a drive like no other. Lucky for you, the Spring Equinox means opportunities are in full bloom.

Get out there and grow lover.



Energetic, Bold, Unstoppable, Devoted

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Aries are known to dream big
and work hard.

Motivated by their fierce ambition and deeply rooted independence, this sign is destined for success. Just like their sign, the ram, they’re quick to put their heads down, dig their heels into the ground, and embrace whatever chase life gives them.

Ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, Aries gains a deep intuition and a spirit fueled by freedom. Its rocky surface is a true representation of Arian’s strong and solid vibrations.

As a fire sign, Aries are always searching for those bright, new experiences that will light them up. They’re fearless and unpredictable, dancing through life with an energetic spark that can spread like wildfire. 



Creative energy is at a constant flow this season.

Use this time to set new intentions and fuel your ideas with action. Aries energy is all about passion and drive, lover. No matter your sign, you’ll be feeling extra ambitious during these next few weeks.

Listen to your heart, go where you’re being called and enjoy the ride. Anything can happen… 




February 19 - March 20

As Winter is coming to an end, Pisces season is here to set us up for Spring. It’s easy to get comfortable in the day to day - but this month you’re sure to be sensing a shift. Whatever your sign, embrace this new feeling - it’s a cosmic blessing that’s here for your benefit. Good things come to those who grind. Take some risks work for the reward lover. It’ll be worth it.


pisces SEASON

Pisces, change is in the air this season. Now is the time to rise up and lead your tribe. Transformation can be scary, but you’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Use your soothing energy to support the ones you love and keep things positive. Your heart will be calling for adventure this time of year. Ride this high with enthusiasm and you’ll be rewarded with new friendships, experiences, and love.

Find balance in the chaos and stay authentic. 



Imaginative, wise, romantic, optimistic

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Pisces is compassionate and intuitive.

Those born under this sign are known to be dreamers and healers, empowered by an energy that awakens the imagination to fearlessly create. Their optimistic spirit lifts them above rough waters while their bold confidence inspires their tribe to live wild and free.

Water signs go through highs and lows just like the tide of the ocean - making this sign one that’s ultra-sensitive and empathetic. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy,  Pisces can often be off in their old world, vibrating on a level of refined energy that is sure to attract miracles.



We know the past month has been mellow, but Pisces energy is here to mix things up. The Universe is calling for transformation.

In order to manifest this season’s blessings, you'll have to venture out of your comfort zone lover. Let your ambitious heart fuel you through the changes. Take a chance with a new love or a new friend. Learn a new language or find a new skill to develop.

Whatever your energy is attracting, follow the call and ride against the fear. You won’t regret it. 



With both a full moon and solar eclipse aligning,
this weekend is all about new beginnings.
The crystals your soul is craving are written in the stars.
Embrace this magic and manifest the blessings of your sign...



A crystal with the beauty of a galaxy and the power of lightning,
Opal keeps your passions burning and your dreams alive. 


Known as the master healing stone, the properties within Turquoise will heal you from the inside out - keeping your vibrations high and your energy at its best.


The healing energy of this alluring crystal will cleanse you of all toxic emotions, while purifying your mind from negative thoughts.



With smooth flowing vibrations of peace and tranquility, this stone will encourage you to communicate the truth of your heart with fierce honesty.


This strong communication stone provides you with the head space to think freely while encouraging compassion and empathy.


This powerful and sacred crystal will point you toward your dreams, while providing you with whatever you need to manifest magic.


Tiger’s Eye

Carrying properties of confidence, ambition and focus, this crystal is a source of protection and mental clarity. 


This alluring gemstone attracts new love and heightens intimacy. It ignites a sense of confidence, courage and passion.


Known throughout the centuries as a source of leadership and courage, this stone will grant you the confidence to live your life boldly and the ambition to chase your passions.



A spiritual stone, diamond emits high vibrations that will open your mind to creativity and spark your imagination.


Use this stone as your personal, protective shield. In its presence, you will feel completely transformed as negativity around you is repelled. 


A powerful stone of strength and courage, Onyx assists in facing fears and healing old wounds.




January 21 - February 20

Welcome to Aquarius season! Following the excitement of the New Year, a lot of focus has been on you lately. We’re all about treating ourselves, but with the energy of Aquarius, it’s time to spread the love. Whatever your sign, use this season to open your arms and your mind to the world around you. Let these stars guide you to giving back and positive intention will follow you through 2019.



It’s your time to shine, Aquarians. This season is all about bringing your best energy forward. You’ve always had a nurturing, humanitarian spirit -use the extra boost your stars are giving you to take this love for the others to the next level.

Don’t just make a plan, take action and follow it through until the end. You have the influence and the confidence to move mountains and make a difference.

Now is the time to use your talents and change the world. But remember, you’re ultra sensitive to the energies your surrounded by. Choose your tribe wisely. 



Open-minded, Confident, Friendly, Gracious

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Aquarius is progressive and unapologetic.

Bearing a strong, humanitarian spirit and a mind for innovation, those born under this sign are the fierce leaders of their tribe. They fight for the greater good of the world and inspire a passion within others to do the same.

Under the air element, Aquarius is all about freedom, while the symbol of the water-bearer connects them to the vision of spreading equality and inspiring a flow of individuality.

They meditate on how to spread positivity, while dancing to the beat of their own drum - the perfect combination of wild and soulful.



Even if you weren’t born under this set of stars, it’s essential to understand the energy of Aquarius.

Carrying strong vibrations of innovation and empathy, as soon as January 21st rolls around you’ll be feeling inspired and ignited. Whether you’re drawn to starting a new project or volunteering for a new cause - spend these weeks following the call of your heart.

Anything that was blocking your sense of adventure is replaced with a bold, fierce energy that will make you feel unstoppable. A heart full of gratitude is a magnet for miracles lover.

Spread your magic and enjoy the season’s blessings.




December 22 - January 19

2019 is almost here, and Capricorn Season has officially begun.

Whether you’re ruled by this sign, or guided by a different set of stars, you’re sure to be feeling the influence of its power. Start dreaming lover, this is the perfect set up for a year of manifesting magic.



If you were born under this sign, this is your season for self-care and a little extra love. You’ve earned a moment to rest and reflect… use this time to breathe easy and recharge your batteries.

As a master manifestor, you’re known to surf the constant hustle and flow of life. It’ll be a change for you to be still this season, but remember - anything is possible for you Cap.

Stay present, count your blessings, and soak in your successes. 



Loyal, Ambitious, Structured, Patient

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Capricorn is loyal and disciplined.

Those born under this sign are all about the chase. No matter how hard the work, or long the journey, there’s nothing like transforming dreams into reality.

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, Capricorn shoots for the stars and won’t settle for anything less.

Their ambition and drive is fueled by the magic of life, and the optimism they carry guides them along the way.



Regardless of your sign, you’ll be feeling Capricorn’s structured and ambitious energy this season.

Right in sync with the New Year, these weeks will grant you the confidence to set your goals higher and the motivation to make it all happen in 2019.

Courage is key to manifest dreams - so you’ll be feeling fearless, lover. Run with your wild side as you chase what’s meant to be yours.




November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius Season has arrived! Whether you’re ruled by this sign, or just feeling the vibrations, these stars call for adventure. The world is pure magic this time of year, which means no dream is too big and every risk is worth taking. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride, lover. It’s going to be a wild one.



If you were born under this sign, this year is all about learning to let go. You’ve never been one to back down from a challenge or be fearful of obstacles that stand in your way.

Keep this fire within you, but remember that the Universe is on your side. Trust and patience are your biggest allies this year. Be present and take the time to count your blessings.

Your intuition has always been your guiding voice, but it's important to stop and smell the roses.

Make more time for the little things, and you’ll discover they have just as much meaning as the big adventures you love.



Adventurous, Bold, Fearless, Confident, Optimistic

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Sagittarius is adventurous and confident.

Those born under this sign are fueled by the thrill of the chase, and sustained by incredible positivity.

Ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, Sagittarius lives life boldly, with a free-spirit and optimistic outlook.

The flame of this fire sign only grows brighter with each new experience and every dream realized. Their light will never dim - get close and you’ll feel the heat. 



Sagittarius Season is all about life lessons. The energy of this horoscope will inspire every sign to listen to their intuition and chase their dreams.

You might get a few bumps and bruises along the way, but it's important to follow the journey that you’re pulled towards. When things get hard, stick it out and learn from these experiences.

Use the bold and confident energy of Sagittarius to grow into yourself lover, this season could change everything.




October 23 - November 22

Scorpio Season is upon us…. Every sign is impacted by what’s written in the stars this time of year, but some will feel it stronger than others. The days of this season are all about the mysteries and the intensities that fuel your passion. Spend a little time with your dark side lover, and you’ll be sure to discover what lights you up. 



If you were born under this sign, this year will be a time of expansion and growth. You are destined to rise and shine... letting go of the past and living in the present.

Take the time to do what you want, explore your desires and chase down your dreams. Your vision of life will have a wider perspective, opening your eyes and heart to new opportunities, relationships, and experiences. 



Passion, Intensity, Intimacy, Truth, Transformation

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Scorpio is passionate and loyal.

Their soul shines brightest for authentic emotion and genuine love.

Energized by their deep intuition, those born under this sign are in ultimate control of their own destiny. They're fearless and complex, willing to move mountains for the ones they love and to get where they need to go.

Ruled by the water element and Pluto, Scorpio is intuitive and sensitive, while being a powerhouse of control and mystery.



Scorpio Season packs a punch - no matter what your sign, you’ll be feeling a shift. This month is all about passion, you’re sure to be craving intimacy. Take a getaway with your lover or spend a night in together. Whatever the backdrop, your sensual energy is high and the connection is undeniable. Give into your desires and live in love this season. 

Just like the ruling Scorpion symbol, you will be ignited with a fearless energy that can lead to transformation. Embrace this new side of you, because the deep desires of your heart are being revealed. Listen to your truth, and start dancing in the darkness lover. You’ve found your moonlight. 




September 23 – October 22

The year is coming to an end lover, and what better way to chase in the new than with the balancing energy of Libra? This season is all about enjoying the little things, chasing your dreams, and standing firm with your intuition. As leaves fall, Libras rise. And the sky is the limit baby…now let’s have some fun.



Brings abundance and will guide toward new love

Planet: venus

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of love and beauty, Libra is known to have an irresistible and strong power of attraction. This sign loves the luxuries of the Earth - art, culture, and all things that can bring pleasure to the everyday. You’ll often catch them toasting with a fine wine, taking in beautiful art, or layering it up in diamonds and gold. This is what dreams are made of baby... Libras know how to live the life. 


Symbol: The Scales of Justice

Influenced by its symbol, Libra is all about finding the balance in life. Their role in the tribe is to keep all things fine and fair - whether that means speaking up for the ones they love or standing their ground. The essence of Libra energy is intimate, protective, and loving. Stay close to this sign, because through thick and thin, Libra always has your back.  


Element: air

Born under the air element, its no wonder the flow of Libra is unpredictable. Get caught in their whirlwind, and you’re in for a relationship full of new experiences and adventure. Constantly changing, and never quite settled, this sign lives for a wild ride. Better hold on tight.

pink tourmaline

Attracts love, joy and happiness



Increases love while promoting physical and emotional healing

tourmilated quartz

Serves as protection against negative energies and harm



The Scales of Justice


Sapphire for September
Opal for October


Rose, Hydrangeas

healing crystals

Pink Tourmaline, Tourmilated Quartz, Chrysoprase


Indigo Blue



essential oils

Frankincense, Geranium,
Clary Sage, Bergamot



planet ruler





August 23 – September 22

As summer comes to an end, Virgo season is rising. The energy of this sign is filled with love, care, and hardwork - ride this high through the end of the year and you’re sure to manifest magic. Give love to yourself, your tribe and the world. Take time for self-care - getaway for a weekend or hit up the spa and recharge. Prioritize making the moves that will make your dreams come true. Now watch the world come alive for you, lover. Life is good.



Develops patience, strength, and perseverance

Planet: Mercury

Virgo has been blessed with the gift to impress. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, this sign is known to have a way with their words. Always curious and quick witted, strike up a conversation with Virgo and you’ll be sure to fall in love with their dynamic dialogue.  


Symbol: The Virgin

The Virgin may be innocent, but she packs a solid punch. Ruled by a perfectionist, those born under this sign are bound for success and fueled by a determination that makes them unstoppable. Virgo’s commitment to making their dreams come true is one of their strongest traits. They may not be the leading the tribe, but they’re definitely influencing and inspiring, which carries just as much power. 


Element: Earth

Under the Earth element, Virgo is dependable and focused. Their desire for perfection is paired with a strong spirit meant to manifest the dreams of their heart. Virgo may be known as the responsible and reliable member of the tribe, but don’t be fooled. Their feet may be planted firmly on the ground, but this sign has an overpowering energy to try new things. If you’re looking for fun or to get in a little trouble, Virgo is always down to come along for the ride. 


Creates mental clarity, and will guide you to finding true love


Smokey Topaz

Strengthens feelings of stability

Blue Tourmaline

Opens the mind and enhances compassion



The Virgin


Peridot for August
Sapphire for September


Morning glory

healing crystals

Amazonite, Moss Agate, Blue Tourmaline, Smokey Topaz


Navy Blue



essential oils

Ginger, Lemon, Grapefruit,
and Thyme



planet ruler