October 23 - November 22

Scorpio Season is upon us…. Every sign is impacted by what’s written in the stars this time of year, but some will feel it stronger than others. The days of this season are all about the mysteries and the intensities that fuel your passion. Spend a little time with your dark side lover, and you’ll be sure to discover what lights you up. 



If you were born under this sign, this year will be a time of expansion and growth. You are destined to rise and shine... letting go of the past and living in the present.

Take the time to do what you want, explore your desires and chase down your dreams. Your vision of life will have a wider perspective, opening your eyes and heart to new opportunities, relationships, and experiences. 



Passion, Intensity, Intimacy, Truth, Transformation

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Scorpio is passionate and loyal.

Their soul shines brightest for authentic emotion and genuine love.

Energized by their deep intuition, those born under this sign are in ultimate control of their own destiny. They're fearless and complex, willing to move mountains for the ones they love and to get where they need to go.

Ruled by the water element and Pluto, Scorpio is intuitive and sensitive, while being a powerhouse of control and mystery.



Scorpio Season packs a punch - no matter what your sign, you’ll be feeling a shift. This month is all about passion, you’re sure to be craving intimacy. Take a getaway with your lover or spend a night in together. Whatever the backdrop, your sensual energy is high and the connection is undeniable. Give into your desires and live in love this season. 

Just like the ruling Scorpion symbol, you will be ignited with a fearless energy that can lead to transformation. Embrace this new side of you, because the deep desires of your heart are being revealed. Listen to your truth, and start dancing in the darkness lover. You’ve found your moonlight.