September 23 - October 23

As the leaves fall, Libras rise. The energy of the season calls for connecting with those you love. Whether it’s your friends, family or lover, take the time to honor the people who spark joy in your life. With your tribe by your side, you can take on anything.


libra SEASON

You’ve never ran out of love to give, Libra. This season is all about letting love in. You’ll be feeling sensitive in these next few weeks and you could use a shoulder to lean on.

Trust your tribe and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. That’s what life is all about… As you become more comfortable sharing your heart, you’ll find your relationships will only grow stronger.

You deserve all the love in the world, Libra. Just open up and let it in.


Libra is all about living in love.

Born under the air element, this sign is known to change like the wind. Keep up when they’re wild and you’re in for adventure. Catch them in the calm and enjoy their soothing presence.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of love and beauty, Libra loves to enjoy the luxuries of life. There’s always a good reason for another adornment…and we couldn’t agree more. It’s all about balance.

Symbolized by the scale, this sign will fight for what is fair and equal. They are loyal to the core and will always have your back.



Spread those wings, social butterfly. Whatever your sign may be, Libra season is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone and build relationships.

Whether it’s venturing out to a bar solo, welcoming someone new into your tribe, or taking a moment to yourself - everything connects and everyone matters. In these next few weeks, you’ll find yourself craving balance.

Embrace the energy of Libra and work on finding your center. Spend more time thinking of who you love and what lights you up over whatever may be causing you stress. Life is short, so let’s make it sweet.


genuine, loyal, loving.
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