May 21 - June 20

Gemini season is officially here! These next four weeks are filled with an
alluring and unpredictable energy. Everything’s more fun with a little chaos
Ride the highs and lows with confidence and you’re sure to manifest
nothing but adventure and love.



This season is all about you Gemini. It’s essential to take the time to breathe easy. Treat yourself to a spa weekend with your tribe, or a more private getaway with your lover. However you manifest your head space, do it with patience and love. After all, the stars are in your favor and there’s magic in the air.

Once you’re feeling refreshed and revitalized, you’ll find this energy has attracted new the opportunities and experiences into your life. Accept them with gratitude, the party has just begun…


Gemini is here for a wild ride.

If you’re born under this sign, you’ll often find yourself searching for new experiences and relationships that invite adventure. Gemini’s spontaneous and fierce energy attracts admiration from both their tribe and lovers. 

Associated with the air element, just like the wind, they are constantly craving change. We all need a little breathing room, and for this sign, it’s essential.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini has a strong curiosity and quick wit. These social butterflies will have you flying in and out of deep conversation with their dynamic dialogue. And Gemini loves to play off the energy of a kindred spirit.

The question is… can you keep up lover?



When you discover the practices and people that light up your soul, everything becomes even more beautiful. Gemini season is all about intention. Give your mind and spirit the attention they’ve been craving. Meditate on your mantras, spend time with your journal, or charge your crystals. Whatever your method of magic is, hone in on it this season. Blessings begin with how you feel and what you give your energy to. Whatever your sign is, enjoy the ride. You’ve earned it.


Energetic, Easy-going, Enthusiastic, Witty.
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