The full moon is here lovers, are you ready for it? This moon cycle revolves around clarity.
It’s essential to embrace and honor the changes and new life this time of year brings along.
Out with the old, and in with the gold baby.

Mother Earth loves spending quality time with her daughters, so make it your intention to touch base.
What better way to connect with the Universe than by satisfying your crystal cravings?
These are our go-to gemstones for spreading some Spring magic...



Rose Quartz lives up to its reputation as the universal love crystal. Its strong vibrations absorb
negativity and tension, paving the pathways to your heart chakra with all the right vibes.
As this gemstone opens your heart, you’ll be a magnet for true romance and unconditional love.
After all, your vibe attracts your tribe...


As a soothing stone, Aquamarine is the perfect crystal for taking a moment to let your spirit breathe.
Just like the ocean, the cool and refreshing vibes this crystal carries will keep you in a constant flow of tranquility.
Wear Aquamarine close to the heart and feel its properties harness inner-peace and self-love within you.
Manifest intentions of serenity with the powers of this gemstone and you'll be riding into the
Clarity Moon with calm confidence.


We all could use a little spring cleaning in our lives, and Fluorite is your new favorite cleanser.
This gemstone is known for its detoxifying properties – clearing your mind, body, and spirit.
Its gentle healing properties will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  Adorning yourself in
Fluorite is a hint to the Universe that you’re ready for the new magic this full moon brings.