We would love to always be vibrating at our highest frequency, but this moon cycle calls for a little energy boost. Don’t worry, we know just the thing to get you there. The healing properties of gemstones are the perfect remedy to make your energy next-level.

My Capricorn lovers, let your crystal cravings be satisfied, here are your go-to January gemstones:



Turquoise is a master healer and powerful protector. Its energies will intensify your connection to both the physical and spiritual world, fueling your life with new opportunities and infinite possibility. With properties that transform based on need, be sure to set clear intentions lover, because the Universe is in your favor. Use this stone to center your mind and protect yourself from any negative energies rising.


As a strengthening stone, Agate is known as a force of tranquility and stability. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with worry or finding fear in your headspace, take a breath, grab this gemstone and hold on tight baby. Its properties and steady vibrations instantly calm wild nerves and enhance self-confidence. Without a doubt, you’re known to leave them all speechless, but sometimes being at a loss of words yourself can be frustrating. Agate opens channels to your soul, establishing a clear line of self-expression so you can articulate your inner wisdom.


For the times that call for concentration and focus, reach for Black Onyx. This gemstone will bring you enlightenment when faced with difficult decisions and shield the mind from distraction.  Its like the best friend you never had, but always needed- the one that influences you to make all the right choices ;)


Garnet is a gemstone for the dreamers. It’s strong powers of manifestation and vitality will assist you in discovering your life’s purpose while transforming your dreams into reality along the way. Lovers, no need to feel left out, this one’s for you too. Garnet inspires a strong sense of devotion and passion - making this stone the perfect muse for midnight magic.


For the mindful goddess seeking inner truth, Tanzanite will lead the way. The properties of this stone will enhance your connection to the psychic world and illuminate your spirit, guiding you to higher consciousness. Your actions will align with the desires of your heart, as calming vibrations soothe your soul. Enjoy the journey baby, with this stone around, things are getting good.


Hold onto Blue Topaz, and feel the love as your mind, body and soul align. Like Agate, this gemstone will provide you with the ability to communicate clearly and obtain a higher wisdom from the Universe and from your inner self. You’re worthy of the world - let this flame of knowledge and confidence guide you back to heart’s center. Relax, and let the good vibes radiate.